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No Beijing 2022

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is set to happen amid one of the world’s worst crackdowns against freedom, democracy, and human rights

  • At least TWO million Uyghur, Kazakh and Uzbek Muslims are detained in “re-education camps” undergoing systematic torture, rape and political re-education.
  • Illegally occupied Tibet is listed as the worst place in the world for rights, alongside Syria.
  • In Hong Kong, the Chinese government has implemented a draconian National Security Bill that effectively criminalises protest and curtails any remaining human rights.
  • Protests by Southern Mongolians, whose rights, language and culture being eradicated, are put down with force
  • Detention & disappearance of countless Chinese lawyers, feminists & activists
  • Intimidation and geopolitical bullying of Taiwan and aggression and expansion across borders – in the South China Sea and India-Tibet border – present a clear threat to regional and global security

China controls the IOC and Olympic sponsors the way it governs its citizens: Through fear

Washington Post – 14 April



Athletes have real concerns about Beijing 2022, says human rights group head

Reuters – 15 April



Airbnb asked to drop Olympic ties over China rights issues

Associated Press – 23 March



Why A China 2022 Olympics Boycott Could Save Countless Uyghur Lives

National Interest – 3 March



The International Olympic Committee has failed to act despite the clear evidence of GENOCIDE, WORSENING HUMAN RIGHTS and POLITICAL BULLYING

Now it is time for Governments, Sponsors and those committed to freedom and justice to say NoBeijing2022 and to push back against China’s reprehensible human rights abuses and global bullying tactics

“China’s government sees human rights as an existential threat. Its reaction could pose an existential threat to the rights of people worldwide.”

We call on Governments to join a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Anything less will be an endorsement of China’s authoritarian rule and blatant disregard for civil and human rights.